Daily Archives: March 8, 2012

First delivery of a fork of Songbird Nightingale

One of the music players that I liked since their first versions is songbird, but after a while I forgot, now I read in tech drive-in that there is a fork of this player brings some improvements and speed and stability very good, I hope you can try it and tell me what you think so
That brings back Nightingale 1.11.0?

  • It is based on the last songbird, which gives us greater speed and stability
  • Now future updates will be automatic
  • A lot of addons of songbird included
  • Thousands of Bugs fixed
  • Complete list of changes here .

Wine 1.4 final version available

The application called Wine is not an emulator, which, as its name suggests, allows you to run Windows applications and games on Linux, and its leaders have just announced the availability of the final version of Wine 1.4.

In this edition major developments and improvements are included on all fronts, as explained in the official announcement, which break down this development.

So, we have a new graphics engine that helps applications using DIB (Device Independent Bitmaps). This engine also eliminates the limitations that existed in that paragraph in color management, and there is also noveaddes in Postscript output and quality in the rotated text or image format support such as TGA, CMYX or JPEG.

The stack of audio components have been redesigned completely based on Windows Vista, with WinMM and DirectSound implemented over the new library MMDevAPI. The Alsa, OSS and CoreAudio drivers have been rewritten to use the new model, and yes, not Jack audio subsystems, NAS, AudioIO and ESD are supported.

We find more and more developments in the aforementioned official announcement , you can download it from here


NVIDIA joins The Linux Foundation

Specialized in the manufacture of components (such as GeForce graphics cards and processors Tegra), NVIDIA, multinational has joined the Linux Foundation. The company said that by joining the Foundation, hopes to improve its cooperation with organizations and developers who contribute to the development of Linux.

The union implies that the three companies that dominate the market for graphics chips for PC (AMD, Intel and NVIDIA) are now members of the Linux Foundation. Looking users, this does not mean that short-term NVIDIA will change its policy on providing drivers to the Linux community.

The company provides proprietary drivers for Linux for its graphics cards, and has not contributed to the development of driver Nouveau open source. For Tegra chips, NVIDIA has incorporated changes in the Linux kernel under GPLv2 license, however, the graphics GPU drivers as part of the Tegra chips, remain owners.

Although currently NVIDIA does not release the code of your drivers, if you go to do it ever, what is certain is that in the face of users of GNU / Linux is better inside than outside. This collaboration will bring some benefit.