Xnoise media player 0.2.9 instalarlo via PPA

Un reproductor de audio y vídeo para Gnome muy liviano que soporta todos los formatos de audio y video que gstreamer puede manejar.

Ha sido liberada la versión 0.2.9 con esta lista de cambios:

* Redesign GUI for Settings-Dialog and for Add-Media-Dialog
* use strip function on artist and album imports
* Extend media import API
* Extend item handler API
* Add fix for window hiding/howing (Tal)
* Update portugse translation (Sergio Marques)
* Activate standard item handlers for dynamic playlists, too
* Context menus for dynamic playlists
* Add query interface for dynamic playlists
* Fix keyboard opened menus for tracklist and musicbrowser
* Use nautilus feature (if available) for file indication
* Add FAQ entry to help menu
* Magnatune: add support for ‘speechless’ streaming with user login
* Magnatune: album downloads for registered users
* Magnatune: add online change monitoring
* Magnatune: use album images in Magnatune plugin
* Magnatune: use genre in search/filtering
* Magnatune: change store location of db
* Update packaging data
* Replace hard coded keycodes with the (now available) Gdk.Key.* constants
* Recommend tumbler thumbnailing in packaging
* Update debian package creation script (Tal)
* Code cleanups
* Various bug fixes

Lo podemos instalar o actualizar en Ubuntu 11.10 en adelante con este PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:shkn/xnoise
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install xnoise


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