Stellariun 0.11.3 – Un telescopio en tu PC

Stellarium es un soft de código abierto que simula un planetario en tu PC. Podrás ver el cielo en tiempo y espacio tal como si salieras al patio de tu casa con un telescopio. Lo único que necesitas es pasarle las coordenadas de tu posición geográfica y sentarte a mirar.

Características Principales:

  • Catálogo por defecto de 600.000 estrellas que se puede ampliar a 210 millones con catálogos extra.
  • Imágenes de nebulosas.
  • Planetas y sus satélites.
  • Poderoso zoom
  • Interfase multilenguaje
  • Simulación de eclipses.

Esta es la lista de cambios de la versión:


  • ecliptic grid (LP: #834307)
  • world observatories to the locations list (LP: #891643)
  • allow configuration of url for SIMBAD lookups (LP: #948528)
  • opportunity to freely choose the object information to display (LP: #834325)
  • Pluto texture (LP: #906766)


  • No objects under horizon (LP: #952532)
  • (MinGW-w64) CMake does not detect Win64 (LP: #951465)
  • (MinGW-w64) Compilation errors (LP: #951405, #951742)
  • Oculars FOV (LP: #971066, #962691)
  • “Galactic Plane” string does not get translated when language is switched (LP: #976515)
  • Use freedesktop specification for Unity quicklists (LP: #959893)
  • Apparent diameter of planets with rings (LP: #960904)
  • Crash [assert] when FOV is small and Quasars or Historical Supernovae plugins is enabled (LP: #961011)
  • Angle Measure plug-in reads the wrong options from the configuration file (LP: #954205)
  • Crash in debug mode on displaying constellation borders (LP: #951967)
  • Star halo “dances” for small Solar System objects (LP: #805810)
  • RTL-languages is not displayed correctly when using gravity labels (LP: #801668)
  • Orbits with close perihelions are not displayed correctly (LP: #640455)
  • Precision of angular diameter lower than intended (LP: #955635)
  • Moons’ orbit lines broken by parent planet movement with time (LP: #889712)
  • Invalid user defined location cause Stellarium to crash (LP: #860220)
  • Difficulty to select zoomed in planets and moons (LP: #854374)
  • Altazimutal grid not overlapping equatorial grid when located on poles (LP: #775972)
  • Global key bindings not global (LP: #687288)
  • Screenshot write permission fail (Vista/7) (LP: #568086)
  • Wrong planet phases as seen from more outer planets (LP: #803305)
  • Zoom in/out command sticks (LP: #712112)
  • Importing SSOs causes some strange effects (LP: #969211)
  • Not updated values of dimensions of CCD while changes telescopes (LP: #998726)
  • Gravity labels rendered incorrectly (LP: #998121)
  • Keyboard shortcut for subtract one sidereal year don’t works (LP: #997873)

Podemos instalarlo en Ubuntu agregando su PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:stellarium/stellarium-releases
sudo aptitude update
sudo aptitude install stellarium

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