PAC Manager 4.2.2 – Conexiones SSH en modo gráfico actualizacion

Se ha vuelto a actualizar PAC Manager, un magnífico gestor gráfico que nos permite manejar más amigablemente conexiones SSH / Telnet.

Está escrito en Perl/GTK y esta es la lista de cambios de esta nueva versión (4.2):

. Experimental ARM support (32 bit ARM library included, thanks to ‘sourcefabric’)
. Added an option to sort SSH’s local/remote/dynamic forwardings by several criteria
. Added a check for SSH’s local/remote/dynamic not to allow repeating same Local Ports
. Modified the “Method” text to not link to specific commands (now, ‘VNC’ appears instead of ‘vncviewer’, ‘RDP’ instead ‘rdesktop’, and so on…)
. Modified both History and Favourites tree to update GUI when selection changes
. Fixed a bug that could misconfigure the GUI’s “Port” property of connections
. Fixed a bug that made the keyboard focus move when starting connections

Podemos instalarlo en Ubuntu con el siguiente paquete deb: