Bombono DVD 1.2

Bombono DVD, un software de creacion de DVD para Linux muy fácil de utilizar y con un agradable interfaz gráfico, ha sido actualizado a su versión 1.2

Algunas de sus características son:

  • Ventana de linea de tiempo y monitoreo.
  • Editor de menu
  • Soporte de arrastrar y soltar.
  • Posibilidad de guardar a una carpeta, crear una imagen o quemar directamente al DVD.
  • Se puede importar videos de otros DVD.

La versión 1.2 trae los siguientes cambios:

  • Multi-core CPU support for transcoding videos
  • Time calculation left to take authoring
  • Translations: Chinese simplified (Wylmer Wang), Danish, German (Roland Illig), Finnish, Italian, Ukrainian
  • No File Browser
  • More menu items:
    • Arrows and other icons can be used in menus, not only frames; if you want to use your own pictures then just add them to ~/AppData/Roaming/bombono-dvd/icons (Win7) or ~/.config/bombono-dvd/icons (Linux)
    • New frames, from Dietrich Martin
    • Many default icons: checks, arrows, rounds etc (thanks to abstrusus)
  • Web browser integration for getting menu backgrounds
  • Better 16:9 DVD support:
    • Generation of two subpicture streams for 16:9 menus: letterbox and widescreen,
    • More than 12 buttons for 16:9
  • Splash screen (an app can’t live without it, seriously)
  • Bitrate Calculator:
    • Apply changes for multiple videos at once
    • Custom ffmpeg options entry
  • Copy&Paste&Cut for menu items; Copy Menu function
  • Error Report before authoring, if needed: buttons overlap, DVD capacity exceeded, etc
  • Menu Editor:
    • Preserve aspect ratio when resizing buttons, see #45 (with Shift)
    • Highlight border only
    • Snap to grid
    • 3 styles to span background of menu: Fill, Fit and Stretch
  • Rename items in Menu|Media Browser via function “Rename” & no conflict with DnD
  • The ticket #32 fix: Cannot jump to chapter N of title M, only N-1 exist

Podemos instalarlo en Ubuntu 11.10 agregando su PPA. Para eso abrimos un Terminal y:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:muravjov-il/ppa

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install bombono-dvd-testing

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