Bleacbit 0.8.8 disponible

Hace tiempo que no se tenían noticias de este magnífico software que se encarga de facilitarnos la limpieza y mantenimiento de nuestro sistema operativo. Saben que es multiplataforma, convirtiéndose en una real alternativa a CCleaner bajo Windows.


Se presenta con los siguientes cambios.

  • In Firefox, delete more session restore
  • In Firefox, delete site-specific preferences
  • In Firefox, delete input history.
  • In Firefox, delete more URL history.
  • In Google Chrome and Chromium, properly delete HTML5 cookies without deleting preferences for extensions (LP#732567)
  • In Google Chrome and Chromium, delete the Databases.db files
  • In Google Chrome and Chromium, delete favicons (except those that have bookmarks)
  • In Google Chrome delete more history: the DNS prefetching host referral list
  • In Opera, delete session backup
  • Specific to Linux
    • Fix crash starting as administrator on Ubuntu 11.04.
    • Support Seamonkey 2.0 (pointed out by Ed Hurst and Gogeden)
    • Do not delete /var/tmp/kdecache to avoid crashing KDE (KDE#271889)
    • Fix crash when changing options when Linux packager has disabled online updates (LP#715286)
    • Require PyGTK version 2.14 or later
  • Specific to Windows
    • Add option to update community-maintained cleaners as winapp2.ini, a file with 535 cleaners and growing. Enable this option if you want it: by default, it is off.
    • In Google Chrome, delete more History (Top Sites)
    • In Internet Explorer, clean more temporary files (feeds cache)
    • If Windows Update Service is not originally on, do not stop/restart it
    • Fix for either Silverlight or Windows Media Player not showing
    • When aborting shred folders, do not give error (LP#794198)
    • More thoroughly “shred settings and quit” and avoid run-time error (LP#794198)

Desafortunadamente aún no corre sobre Gnome 2


Lo dicho, corre sobre Linux y Windows.

Bonus 0.8.2:

Windows XP, Vista, y 7 (32-bit y 64-bit):

Sourcd Code:


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