puddletag 0.10.6 – Editor de etiquetas de audio

puddletag, un gran editor de etiquetas de audio para GNU/Linux inspirado en el popular programa para Windows MP3tag ha sido actualizado a la versión 0.10.6

Soporta los siguientes formatos: ID3v1, ID3v2 (mp3), MP4 (mp4, m4a, etc.), VorbisComments (ogg, flac), Musepack (mpc), Monkey’s Audio (.ape) y WavPack (wv) y como todos los programas de esta especie puede importar etiquetas automáticamente de sitios web afines como MusicBrainz, FreeDB o Amazon.

En estos últimos 3 días ha tenido 3 actualizaciones, estos son sus cambios:

6 June 2011 - 0.10.6
    Fix for freezes if Update empty fields and 'Retrieve exact matches.' checked
    in Tag Sources dialog.
4 June 2011 - 0.10.5
    Tag Sources were broken in the release.
3 June 2011 - 0.10.4
    Man page added.
    New logo created.
    Added data files to source tarball.
    Added documentation to source tarball.
    French translation contributed by Raphaël Rochet.
    Added changelog.

New Features:
    Much improved masstagging.
    Save artwork to file Function.
    Filter that behaves like Mp3tag's.
    In Discogs tag source:
            Added the ability to retrieve track artists
            for Various Artist albums.

            This required that the involvedpeople field be renamed
            to involvedpeople_album as a list of involved people were
            returned for each track too.

            These people are added to the involvedpeople_track field.

    URL links for albums in Tag Sources dialog are shown for all
    Tag Sources (except FreeDB).

    Tag to filename and Tag->Dir functions handle patterns
    like '../%artist%' and './%artist%/%album%' correctly.

    Options for setting the pattern used in saving covers to file dialogs.
    Ability to drag and drop folders on file-view.

    Lines that contain '/' being parsed incorrectly in Import Text File dialog.
    FreeDB tag source artist/album parsing.
    Undoing renaming of dirs.
    MusicBrainz Tag Source ratings error.
    Tag->Dir creating subfolders when it shouldn't.
    Issue 132: Images weren't being added to list of fields to undo.

    Numbering of COMM frames (and others like it) to have frames with
    the same description being number 0,1,2,3 instead of 0,01,002, etc.

    When editing actions, if a field not in the current list of fields was
    used, then the list of saved fields would contain only that field.

    If a file contained an ID3v2.2 tag than that tag would be shown
    twice in the Stored Tags window.

    Patterns that use scripting functions like $validate(arg1,,arg3) will
    work correctly in that the second argument will evaluate to an empty
    string instead of being discarded.

    For Discogs Tag Source: Images were being retrieved even if disabled
    when using textual searches.

    Changing files in Extended Tags changes the selection in File-View,
    thereby ensuring changes are written to the correct file.

    Editing colour in Extended Tags remaining green even if changed.
    Multiple value handling for ID3v2.3

    Unicode support for Replace with Regular Expression function.
    Overhaul of Masstagging internals.
    peformersortorder has been renamed to performersortorder in ID3 tags.
    Images can be removed when the Cover Varies in Extended Tags.
    The semi-colon character(';') has been removed from the list of
    invalid filename chars.

    Renaming dirs hooks into Tag->Dir function now.
    lyrics_us is now unsyncedlyrics

    Proper error messages differentiating whether the error occurred.
    while writing to files or renaming dirs, files.

    Subfolder checkbox in the Filesystem window being enabled
    when it had no reason to be.

    If last loaded dir is not found on startup,
    then all parents of that dir (still existing) will be expanded.

    Functions dialog restores last used function upon first load.

    In QuodLibet Library:
        Changes the fields: _rating to rating, _skipcount to __skipcount, _playcount to playcount.
        All fields are caseless.
        Fixed the loading of fields with numbers for values.
        Added the __tag and __tag_read fields.

Podemos instalar puddletag 0.10.6 en Natty con el siguiente paquete deb:



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