Frostwire 4.21.4

Se encuentra disponible una nueva versión de FrostWire, un cliente P2P de código abierto basado en el muy conocido cliente LimeWire. Está escrito en Java por lo que está disponible en casi todas los sistemas operativos con versiones en Windows, Mac OS y GNU/Linux.


Frostwire utiliza la red Gnutella pero además es totalmente compatible con la red Bittorrent.

Esta es la lista de cambios de la versión:

* New setting to turn off automatic installer downloads.

  • New setting to limit the speed of BitTorrent downloads.
  • New Galician flag added.
  • UX improvements when creating new folders on the Phones and Tablets UI.
  • Fixes bug when dropping files on an Android device that hasn’t been selected.
  • UX change. FrostWire will now seed torrents that have not been removed from it’s download manager. Completed torrents now will appear as “Completed/Seeding”
  • UX change. Default save location folder in Windows Vista and Windows7 is now the user’s default “~Downloads/FrostWire” folder.
  • UX improvements when showing FrostClick overlays. No more flickering. Overlays are now shown in an animated slideshow. More than 2 artists can now be promoted.
  • Fixes bug when copying .apk files from Android device to desktop computer.
  • Fixes bug when saving torrents to it’s default Save location if that folder has been deleted.
  • Fixes bug on which removed Torrent downloads would reappear.
  • Updated Mojito DHT integration. Mojito DHT is now active.
  • Upgraded anti-spam mechanisms.
  • Removed all remnant code related to LimeWire Store.
  • Cleanup to use a single logging library.