PAC Manager – Gestor de conexiones SSH

Se ha vuelto a actualizar PAC Manager, un magnífico gestor gráfico que nos permite manejar más amigablemente conexiones SSH / Telnet.


Está escrito en Perl/GTK y esta es la lista de cambios de esta nueva versión (

. Added a right-click option on connections list to clone a connection
. Added a workaround to solve a problem with keyborad focus on embedded RDP connections, plus a “get focus” button was added for thos connections
. Fixed a bug that prevented PAC from choosing more than one connection when a connection was already opened
. Little bugfix that prevented PAC from asking for confirmation on exit whith connected sessions
. Added a check to disable any connection method not found in the system (for forced intstallations…hummmm…those RPM based…)
. Modified a couple of RPM dependencies names (‘cu’ to ‘cunit’, ‘xtightvncviewer’ to ‘tightvnc’, removed ‘ssh-askpass-gnome’)
. Modified the SSH method options page to show the “Local port forwarding” tab by default
. Modified the “Hostkey changed” SSH connection pattern matching for better performance
. Added a little utility ‘’ that allows you to build an initial pac.yml file from an MCM exported file
. Added a check to build ‘$HOME/.config/autostart’ required for PAC to work with ‘Autostart when session starts’

Para instalarlo en Ubuntu necesitamos primero instalar el paquete libgnome2-vte-perl. Les dejo a continuación los paquetes para 32 y 64 bits:



Resuelta esa dependencia, ahora sí ya podemos utlizar el paquete deb para tener PAC en Ubuntu:




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