Transmission 2.01

El cliente bittorrent que viene por defecto en Ubuntu ha sido actualizado a su versión 2.0.1 con esta lista de cambios:

All Platforms

  • Better tracker announce management when completed torrents are moved from the incomplete directory
  • Speed up moving local data from one disk to another
  • Better parsing of nonstandard magnet links


  • If the seed ratio is already met when download completes, still show the Growl notification and download-complete sound
  • Fix the Help buttons in the preferences window


  • Faster torrent file parsing
  • Fix the magnet link options dialog does not respect setting
  • Add an error popup if “Add URL” fails


  • Fix crash after getting magnet torrent metadata
  • Fix torrent ratio goals
  • Fix “add torrent” dialog bug on KDE desktops that popped up previous torrents
  • Fix 2.00 bug that prevented multiple instances from being run
  • Fix remote mode bug that kept the torrent list from being shown
  • Support encryption settings in the preferences dialog
  • Use flagStr in the status field of the peer list
  • Request a full refresh when changing the session source
  • Fix the torrent list jumping to the top when a torrent is removed

Web Client

  • Fix display bug caused by removal of a torrent hidden by the current filter

Lo podemos actualizar en Lucid agregando su repositorio en Launchpad:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:transmissionbt/ppa

sudo aptitude update

sudo aptitude upgrade