aTunes 2.0.1

Un reproductor y administrador de archivos de audio desarrollado en Java por lo tanto es multiplataforma y con licencia GPL.

Soporta mp3, ogg, wma, wav, flac, mp4 y streaming de radio, pudiendo de una manera sencilla realizar todas las tareas que ofrecen este tipo de programas, como rippear CDs, editar etiquetas, organizar nuestra colección de música, etc.

Esta es su lista de cambios:

  • FIX: Some Substance L&F skins were not working
  • FIX: Can’t sort or shuffle a new created playlist
  • FIX: Too many CRs in lyrics [2991316]
  • FIX: Problems with accuracy of progress bar [2989229]
  • FIX: Write repository after reading XML [2991957]
  • FIX: Avoid progress bar move when time labels needs extra space
  • FIX: Don’t show “Buffering” message for downloaded podcast feed entries
  • FIX: Shown wrong incomplete tags with System LAF [2992481][3008889]
  • FIX: Some components where not updated when changing look and feel
  • FIX: Application not able to play in Linux using a desktop different from Gnome or KDE [2995302]
  • FIX: Preferences not saved if some requires restart [2999531]
  • FIX: Avoid incomplete lyrics from some engines
  • FIX: ID3v1.1 tags not read if not valid ID3v2.3 tag present (Jaudiotagger problem) [2997621]
  • FIX: Import loved tracks from enabled even if disabled
  • FIX: Load UNC resources from an M3U file [2988771]
  • FIX: Interface freeze when caching files before play [2998158]
  • FIX: Wrong foreground color in navigation table
  • FIX: Improvements in plugin installation
  • FIX: Can’t add UI controls from plugins
  • FIX: Improvements in plugins panel
  • FIX: Improvements in repository read speed
  • FIX: libnotify doesn’t work after a call to uninit method
  • FIX: Context panel updates are blocking playback
  • FIX: Avoid store playlist definition if no playlists were added or removed
  • UI improvements in repository selection dialog

Pueden instalar aTunes 2.0.1 visitando la página de descargas del proyecto. Para los ubunteros les dejo a continuación el paquete deb :



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