Win2-7 Pack

El pack contiene:

-Win2-7 (Normal)
-Win2-7 Original (with colors and bars like $e7en theme
-Icon theme (not mine all icons, credits to their authors)
-Emesene theme
-Terminal server theme
-Gtk and Metacity Theme (metacity created by drvdw credits to him/her)
-Emerald theme
-X-splash (animation not mine credit to their author)
-Cursor theme
-Openoffice splash
-Wallpaper of this theme
-and so much more!!!

Para instalarlo te lo descargas, lo descomprimes y ejecutas:

$ cd "Win2-7 Pack"
$ ./

Automaticamente te aplica los cambios. Eso si, cuidado que luego te puedes arrepentir!!.

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